PABASA was established at the end of 2018 as a national voluntary association of advocates. PABASA’s membership is committed to independence, professionalism, excellence in the craft of advocacy, the promotion of race and gender equality.  Our primary purpose is to provide a professional environment based on these values, in which our members can grow and thrive.  PABASA’s Constitution provides that our membership must reflect the demographics of South Africa.  That is in line with our vision of transforming the profession and removing obstacles traditionally experienced by Black and Female Advocates.  In addition,  PABASA’s approach to membership is an attempt to reflect the objectives of the Legal Practice Act.  In line with this, we offer affiliate membership to legal academics and attorneys.

Membership by advocates
Membership of PABASA is open to all advocates registered as legal practitioners with the Legal Practice Council and who have undergone a period of pupillage under the GCB structures and passed the National Bar Examination.  Going forward, advocates who have undergone pupillage through PABASA’s School of Advocacy will also be eligible for membership.

PABASA groups currently operate in Sandton, Johannesburg and Tshwane but our members are not required to belong to a Group of Advocates.

PABASA members are entitled to hold dual membership of GCB Constituent Bars.

PABASA members are also entitled to be briefed with members of another Bar who are legal practitioner advocates registered under the Legal Practice Act.

Affiliate membership

Affiliate membership of PABASA is open to attorneys and legal academics.

Affiliate membership will entitle attorneys (either individually or through their firms) and academics to participate in continuing education programmes run by PABASA as part of the School of Advocacy and will entitle members to attend talks, discussions and workshops held for PABASA members.

Candidate attorney members may apply to attend selected portions of PABASA’s pupillage programme.

The application forms for membership and affiliate membership are available under the link, Forms & Documents.