Admission as an advocate of the High Court is a process governed by the LPA and the Regulations thereto.

The checklist below is prepared to be of assistance to those applying for admission as an advocate of the High Court under the LPA.

There are two methods of admission:

  • the first, for applicants who have never been admitted as a legal practitioner, and
  • the second, for applicants who are already admitted as legal practitioners and enrolled with the LPC as an attorney.

We set out below PABASA’s understanding of the process to be completed by applicants seeking admission as legal practitioners for the first time and who have never been admitted as either an attorney or an advocate by the High Court. This outline is subject to any guidance that may in due course be published by the LPC.

  Step Explanation
1. Acceptance into the pupillage programme and registration of pupillage with the LPC The LPA requires that all applicants have completed the requirements of section 26(1) of the Act in order to be entitled to be admitted and enrolled as a legal practitioner
2. Enter into pupillage agreement with an advocate who has agreed to act as your pupil mentor for the 12-month period Schedule 3 of the LPA Rules
3. Pass the examination in all 9 subjects that form part of the pupillage programme and complete the pupillage program Section 26(1)(d)
4. Complete practical vocational training requirements, including community service Section 26(1)(c)
5. Collate all documents in their original form to be submitted as part of the high court application for admission:

–       Identity book

–       LLB degree certificate (or international equivalent)

–       Certificate confirming completion of community service as prescribed by the Minister

–       Results confirming examination results

Section 26(1)(a) or (b) as applicable
6. Issue and serve application on the High Court, the LPC provincial council and the relevant bar association (PABASA)
7. Attend to the application for admission as a legal practitioner acting as an advocate. Request an advocate to appear on your behalf to move the application
8. The court order granting admission must then be submitted to the LPC, together with the prescribed fee of R460.00 to the LPC provincial council. Section 30

* Note: the admission and enrolment process described above does not cater for those applicants who wish to practice as advocates with a trust account and who intend to accept briefs directly from members of the public or from a justice centre in accordance with section 34(2) of the LPA.